Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed Windows originated from Canada and Scandinavia, where it was developed to help houses cope with harsh winters by reducing heat loss by as much as a third which is much needed in extreme temperatures. Now in the UK Triple Glazed Windows are now being more widely used. It also said to be so efficient that they also help aid sound insulation.

How it all works!

So, how does a Triple Glazed Window work to achieve a third more efficient than a double glazed unit?
Triple Glazed Windows use 3 panes of glass coupled with a unique spacer bar, with the injection of Argon Gas all these parts work in conjunction and will have a final energy rating as low as 0.6. (This depends on the glass/gas type and unit make up).

 Choosing any Triple Glazed Windows in your home is a great idea as it WILL save on heating bills throughout the winter months. What’s more, if you live on a main road or in a built up area, or perhaps inner city – you will notice a significant reduction in the amount of noise your triple-glazed windows let in.

Triple Glazed Windows can be used in patio doors as well as normal windows, sliding and folding doors. They can also be used to replace older windows in timber frames. The thickens of the units can very depending on its application.

We hand seal all our triple glazed windows to make sure our quality is the best.