Decorative range has been used through the ages to imbue windows and doors with beauty, style and elegance. This ancient yet timeless craft has enjoyed a revival over the last 20 years as modern home owners have discovered its ability to add character, charm and originality to their doors, windows and interior design.

As leaders in the decorative glass market, Derw Glass has been at the forefront of innovative design and superior craftsmanship. Our stained glass and bevelled glass products are manufactured using a decorative glass technique known as ‘overlay’- a method whereby all the materials are applied to the outer leaf of the insulated glass unit.

This creates a truly modern version of leaded glass, which features greater strength and thermal insulation qualities than traditional stained glass. The end result is high performance decorative glass that retains the vibrancy, depth and timeless beauty of traditional stained glass.

The overlay materials are rigorously tested to prove their suitability for use in modern windows and doors in all climatic conditions from the cold of the Russian winter to the heat of the Australian summer. These materials have proven themselves over 25 years of use in the decorative glass market worldwide to produce outstanding performance and durability. And with a 10 year warranty, you can be confident of enjoying your decorative glass for the lifetime of your windows.