Georgian Bar Glazed Units

Georgian Bar Glazed Units: Benefits & Features

At Derw Glass we are fully equipped for all Georgian Bar Glazed Units patterns and styles. With our software we can create perfect Georgian Grids for standard windows, arched doors and even circular units.

All of our windows are made to measure, tailored to any height or width you require – even the bars can be placed at any proportion you choose. So you can be certain that you are going to get the look that perfectly matches your home.

Georgian Bars give authenticity to any new door or window. They are available in white or wood-grain.

The authentic finish of the fully scribed cruciform and bead jointing, combined with the appearance of individual panes of glass created by back to back spacer bars, make these replacement products indistinguishable from the original.

Georgian Bar Conservatory

A conservatory is more than just an extra space, it opens your home up to a whole new way of living. A conservatory is the place where your house meets the garden and you can bring the outdoors in, whatever the season. From relaxing afternoons to stylish parties, romantic dining to raucous entertaining, it really is the most versatile room in your home. Guaranteed to become the most popular place in the house, it can be used all year round – Warm and comforting in winter, cool and airy in summer, a conservatory will transform your home and quality of life.